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Mandy asks…

What is USA doing about Rich Con’s buying their kids houses/car’s and them not doing anything to earn it?

Is that what america is all about passing you’re wealth on too lazy kids while the poor barely can make ends meet thats real fair for ya

admin answers:

How does my choice regarding what to do with my own money have anything to do with poor people? I don’t recall having adopted any of them.

BTW, learn how to use an apostrophe.

Thomas asks…

Car seats and kids in the USA.?

My family are coming over from the UK next week and my little brother is coming over he is 6 years old just under 4feet tall. What are the requirements concerning child seats in cars?

I know in the UK he has a “booster seat”, what will he need here when hes riding in the car, does he need a seat can he sit in the front of the car etc?

admin answers:

Under 4’10”, you need a booster seat. There is no “age.” I started riding up front at 10 because I was tall enough.

Mark asks…

How did the seniors feel when they were kids stuck in the back seats of unairconditioned cars on summer vacati?

Remember the days of summer vacation when the family loaded up the car & the kids got to sit in the back seat of the car as we traveled across the USA?

No DVD or CD or any other types of electronic devices! Just a window that rolled up or down, a sack of sandwiches, soda pop & crossword puzzles & name that car/counting games!

How did you feel when you were a kid stuck in that backseat in the summer heat?
“Are we there yet?”…I remember saying that about every hour.

I saw a family with a full screen tv in the back of their family wagon & the kids were acting up something fierce & sticking their faces up to the windows & yelling @ people. I don’t remember ever doing things like that in the 50’s, 60’s or the 70’s!
Oh, so MANY WONDERFUL MEMORIES everyone has shared in answers to this question!

THUMBS UP 4 all of you & many THANKS!

admin answers:

I still don’t use air conditioning. Just like back then I prefer the windows down, my hair blowin’ in the wind. And just like back then there’s too much world to see just outside my window passing by, to need any other kind of entertainment. But would rather be seeing it on Harley.

Helen asks…

10 preteen kids were killed the same day in car accidents. (In USA)-( what ) ?

Funny how none of them can help Obama and the DNC.
Think about it.

admin answers:

The Democrats are getting desperate for something to pin on Sarah Palin. Even Sarah’s children are un fair targets for this media Shitt hunt. Even the murder in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho of a family of five did not get any attantion.

John asks…

Okey Dokey kids, going on a car tip in the USA…?

What ‘landmark(s)’ local or national would you like to see first?
We can start with the largest rocking chair….on display in New Jersey…..Where next? and before you ask….YES we can make ‘pit stops’ :)……….and we’re off……

admin answers:


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